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Welcome to the AuthorityBacklinks.org website (“Site” or “Authority Backlinks’’). This site is owned and operated by Authoritex SEO. For the purposes of this website, “seller”, “us”, “we”, “our”, all refer as AuthorityBacklinks.org

These terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) along with shipping policy, privacy policy, return and refund policy (altogether “Policies”) as amended, will guide your use of this Site’s services.

By accessing this Site, you certify your agreement on the Terms and Conditions and policies applicable here, whether you did or did not read the same.

The Site reserves the discretionary right to change, modify and or amend the Terms of Use and Policies at any time, all the time and without prior notice whatsoever.

If and when AuthorityBacklinks decides to change the terms of use and policies of this Site, we will post a version of the current modifications of the Terms of Use and update the same. Such changes will be deemed effective on the date they are posted, without due regard to notifications. Kindly, endeavor to check our Terms and Conditions regularly for updates.

Any continued access and or use of this Site after the Terms of Use and Policies have been dully changed or modified, added or removed, constitutes total acceptance to the modified Terms and Conditions and are therefore fully bound by the same.

In the event that you are uncertain or unsure about any part of the Terms and Conditions of our Site, do not hesitate to seek further clarification from the relevant parties and clear whatever doubts thereof. For the aforestated reason, ensure that you constantly review our Terms of Use and Policies and stay afloat on the regular updates regarding our Terms and Conditions so as to enjoy our services much better.

2Use of the Site


Typically, persons having the “capacity to contract” must be of the legal age of majority in which case, above the age of 18. Nonetheless, a minor under the age of 18 can only be allowed to contract if and when represented or supervised by their parents or legal guardians. AuthorityBacklinks reserves the exclusive right to deter ineligible persons from any access of this Site.

You agree that our Site can only be accessed, following full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions which govern this website. However, if you do not adhere to the Terms of Use and Policies of AuthorityBacklinks and if you do not want to be in any way bound by them, kindly refrain from accessing this Site.

Your Account 

A number of services on our Site such as buying, listing, emailing etc., will require your registration or subscription.

AUTHORITY BACKLINKS reserves the right to transact services with registered persons only. Therefore, If you so wish to register or subscribe to any services rendered by us, you must adhere to relay to us current, accurate and valid information about yourself.

Any persons who uses this Site, is independently responsible for keeping their account details and passwords of the same.

You must therefore endeavor to maintain security of your accounts by limiting access to your computer and accounts. If your account is not managed confidentially, you must accept any resulting activity under such passwords as entirely your responsibility.

In the event that you realize that your account has been hacked, accessed without your exclusive authorization or is no longer within the ambit of confidential, quickly report this breach to us using the contact information given hereunder.

If the aforementioned Terms and Conditioned are not followed, AUTHORITY BACKLINKS will not be in any way held responsible for any loss or damage suffered as a result of non-compliance with this section.

3Intellectual property and website rights

All intellectual property and website rights accruing to our Site, web design, photos, videos, software and text information shall always remain vested in AUTHORITY BACKLINKS.

Any use or access to the above material for purposes other than personal, non-commercial use is forbidden and or prohibited unless otherwise authorized by us. Therefore, any form of modification, reproduction, display and distribution of any of our products and services without prior written request is strongly condemned.

Any access and or use of our Site thereof, does not in any way constitute as giving anyone a license under any of the AUTHORITY BACKLINKS Intellectual Property rights. All rights herein are therefore exclusively owned, reserved and licensed to AUTHORITY BACKLINKS.

You should agree not to become an accomplice to any part of copying, distributing, exploiting and publishing materials of any works relating directly or indirectly to this Site.

The “AuthorityBacklinks” name and logo are both service names while the design marks are trademarks of AUTHORITY BACKLINKS. Access to this Site doesn’t allow anyone to use the above for whatever reason.

4Modes of payment

Payment for products may be made by the use of Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and PayPal. They  are recommended for purposes of faster and efficient service provision. We may change them from time to time


You are required to agree to the following representations”

i) That you will only give valid, authentic and current personal information whenever it is required of you. We reserve the right to validate the details regarding the information provided by you anytime we deem fit. In the event that we find the information you relayed to us is untrue, AUTHORITY BACKLINKS has the right to block your access and further use of this Site.

ii) You are required to give authentic information regarding your Credit Card whenever it is requested of you during your transactions with AUTHORITY BACKLINKS. The said credit cards must be your personal property and not that of any other person. If you are caught using a credit card fraudulently, liability regarding this unlawful act of fraud solely rests upon you and may attract penalties such as legal fees.

iii) That while transacting on our Site, you will comply with all the rules and regulations, terms and conditions laid out herein. In doing so, you will also use the same information gathered here for lawful purposes as prescribed above.

iv) That you shall access, use and perform transactions on this Site solely at your own peril. Therefore you we implore you to make proper judgment whenever you make any transactions through this Site.

v) That the address regarding the point of delivery of the products ordered by you is correct to the best of your knowledge, to ensure efficiency.

vi) That before placing an order, you will do proper research regarding the product description of the product you wish to order for. Once you proceed to make an order for a particular product, you will be deemed to be bound by the conditions of sale including the description of the said product.

6Can I partner with you?

Yes, we have an elaborate affiliate program which earns you 10% of every referral payment. You will need to activate your affiliate on the left side bar when logged in. If you haven’t ordered from us previously, you can register here https://www.authoritybacklinks.org/clients/register.php. As a thank, we credit your account with $5 upon activation and affiliate amounts can be requested once they reach $25.


i) Breaching any of the above laid down laws.

ii) Transmitting any information or material that constitutes a criminal offence resulting in civil liability and breach of the code of practice.

iii) Accessing other computer systems without prior authorization whatsoever.

iv) Disseminating any material that may be regarded as vulgar, vexatious, frivolous and threatening.

v) Interfering with any other persons access and or use of this Site

vi) Disrupting, destroying and or interfering in any way with websites or networks connected to this Site.


You agree to indemnify, hold us, our affiliates, employees and agents harmless. In doing so, protect and defend us from liability of any claims including legal fees, damages suffered as a result of your commission, omission, actions and inactions, violations of regulations related intellectual property rights, privacy rights, tax evasion, defamation and many other forms of breach of rules available on our Site.

This indemnity clause shall at all times survive the termination of our Terms of Use.

9Delivery of Services

We take the initiative to deliver the products within the set time laid out on our Site. However, sometimes this may not be achieved due to unforeseen reasons beyond our capacity. In this case, we will strive to communicate to you on the resultant reason and provide the earliest possible time of delivery

10Refund Policy

More often than not, we endeavor to deliver SEO services in the best possible manner and satisfy your requests. However, there might be unforeseen and inevitable instances [though none has occurred to date]. In case you are dissatisfied with the service that is delivered to you, immediately get in touch with our customer service department on info@authoritybacklinks.org and notify us on the details for us to assist.

These are the necessary requirements for purposes of achieving a valid refund. A request for a refund should be made within 48 hours from the date of ordering to get a full refund. After the lapse of this time, we will already have instituted a progress on your order and no refund will be accepted. In the event of a refund, we shall levy a 20% service charge, exclusive of the refund charges. Cancellation of ordered services can be done right by the customer by contacting us through our help desk personnel at refunds@authoritybacklinks.org within the aforementioned time. As soon as this is done, your order will be deemed officially cancelled and the moneys paid by you returned as per policy.

If you paid for items via your credit card, debit card, or PayPal, we shall refund your money through the same means.

11Privacy Policy

We value the privacy enjoyed by our customers. For this reason kindly refer to the privacy policy on our website.


Our Terms of Use are deemed effective, unless and until they are terminated by you or by us. You have the right to terminate the Terms of Use at any time as long as you cease any further access to this Site.

In the same way, we may at any time, terminate our Terms and Conditions without any notice whatsoever. AUTHORITY BACKLINKS reserves the right to revoke all rights given to you under the same Terms of Use and Policies.

In the event that this agreement is terminated, you shall cease any further access and or use of this site with immediate effect.

Termination of this agreement shall not in any way whatsoever interfere with the rights and obligations accruing to payment agreed upon before the termination date.

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