Privacy Policy greatly value your privacy hence the essence for the privacy policy notification.  Our privacy policy simply explains our position regarding the collection, use, transfer and disclosure of your personal information.


The privacy policy is part and parcel of terms of use and shall be adhered to accordingly. Our privacy policy may change from time to time so as to accommodate evolving technology and ever changing applicable laws.

Therefore you are expected to keep abreast with the changes by frequently logging into and or browsing our website. reserves the right to at any time change the privacy policy rules and terms of use as well. These changes will be effective as soon as they are posted or uploaded online.

Your further access to our sight after the said changes is an indication that you accept and are in sync with the new rules.  The information that you submit to us enables us to provide you with services and help us provide you with a user-friendly experience altogether.

Privacy policy majorly explains how we collect and use your personal information, steps taken to secure your personal information and your options regarding collecting, use and disclosure of the same information.

Once you access or visit our Site, you are automatically deemed to have accepted the privacy policy practices accruing herein.

Protecting your data is paramount to our privacy policy. Therefore, we shall only use your name and information as provided for in our privacy policy.

2Your personal data

When you register on our website, we ask that you submit certain personal information for purposes of this process.

Such information may include but not limited to; your name, age, sexual orientation, e-mail address, date of birth, contact address, contact number, credit card or debit card details, biometric information, your occupation, delivery address, password etc.

This information must be current, valid and confidential. It should not be misleading in anyway.

In case anything about it changes, kindly endeavor to take the initiative of informing us by updating and uploading the necessary changes.

The information that you have voluntarily submitted to us will be used to process your orders, administer your account, and verify your online financial transactions in relation to payments.

With your permission, we may send information that we deem useful to you via e-mail regarding our services.

3Security of data endeavors to take stringent measures in protecting or securing your information from being accessed, altered, disclosed and destroyed by unauthorized persons.

This is carried out via data encryption and erecting physical guards at the system base where personal data is stored so as to help deter access by any unauthorized personnel.

We therefore trust that you shall at all-time hold dear to you and protect your data from unauthorized access.

The responsibility arising from damages caused by any unauthorized trespass or access to your confidential bank details or passwords as a result of your commission or omission solely lies on your shoulders. shall not in any way whatsoever, be held responsible for misused data unless of cause this mistake is as a result of our own doing.

4Sharing your personal information shall not in any way give out or disclose your personal information to anyone without your express authorization, as this will go against our privacy policy.

However, the only exception to disclosure of personal information would be on grounds of;

– A court order for purposes of identity verification, prevention, detection and investigation of cybercrimes and or prosecution of offences thereto.

-The company may decide to share your information with its group of companies or employees in order to process your personal data on its behalf, as long as everything is done in line with our privacy policy as aforementioned.

5Redress of Grievances

Any complains or concerns regarding the abuse or breach of the privacy policy terms herein shall be forwarded to us with immediate effect via email

Kindly provide us with the information provided hereunder whenever you are submitting you complaint or concern.

  • Identification of the said information, in that the data belongs to you.
  • Indicate whether the abused information is personal and or sensitive.
  • Your address, email address
  • Valid reason for complaint. i.e., you believe that the information given by you has been entered incorrectly or that there has been a breach and or unauthorized access to the said data.

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