Got Questions?

Here are our responses on the most commonly asked questions regarding our backlinks and other associated services. If you have more questions than the ones we have responded to here, you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

1Which SEO Services do you offer?

Our core service offering is backlinks. We are among the most reputable SEO services out there, and we build credible verifiable links. We also offer pay-per-click advertising, Social Media Management, Email-Marketing, SEO Edits and Reviews, On-Page Optimizations, Responsive Web Design, and Reputation Management.  You can find more about our services here

2What is the difference between Regular and Premium Plans?

Regular packages are mainly just about backlink building.  The backlink process normally entails searching for keywords, writing a revelant SEO article and creating backlinks. Premium Plans come along with more fringe services, such pay-per-click advertising targeting tens of thousands of vistors, Ad Banner Design and social media management

3What is the ordering process?

To order, go to and select your preferred package. You will be redirected to the ordering page where we ask you to provide regarding your requested service. For instance, for backlinks, we will need to know your URLs, suggested keywords and if you have any specific article to use. Other information include your names, address and company for purposes of billing.

4Which payment options do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards processed through PayPal which is a trusted checkout platform. This means, your details are secured and guaranteed with PayPal. Alternatively, you can pay from your available balance

5How do I track Progress on my order?

We have an intuitive order management console where you can track all your orders and track the progress. You will be able to raise tickets on those orders, and receive frequent updates on processes. Besides, you can add more orders in the system

6Can I partner with you?

Yes, we have an elaborate affiliate program which earns you 10% of every referral payment. You will need to activate your affiliate on the left side bar when logged in. If you haven’t ordered from us previously, you can register here As a thank, we credit your account with $5 upon activation and affiliate amounts can be requested once they reach $25.

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